Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will your chemicals hurt my plants and grass?

A. No. The chemicals we use are 100% safe for your plants and the environment.

Q. Will the pressure hurt my windows, home or vehicle?

A. It can if you don't use it right. We are proud to say that we have never had an issue with damaging anything due to pressure.

Q. Do you have the capability of bringing water with you?

A. Yes we have a 600 gallon water tank that we use to bring water with us if you request it. We can bring this to Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill or any area for pressure washing.

Q. How soon will the mold reappear once it is removed?

A. Depending on how much sunlight your home gets. Generally within two to three years. This figure is based on the average weather in the greater Harrisburg, PA region.